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To get the most out of your new web space enterprise, we offer lots of options to enhance the quality and delivery of your business.

In order for your business to be successful online it requires a resourceful, targeted approach that will provide your customers with a user friendly experience which has been designed specifically with them in mind.

Advertising your presence in the market, drawing those potential customers in and offering them a modern, aesthetically pleasing platform for them to purchase goods or make further enquiry are the major keys to online success.

Managing Your Business Online

These days most businesses require the ability to manage affairs online. Whether it's to keep an up to date record of sales, track and maintain stock levels, manage bookings, issue automated invoices/response emails or just have an efficient system to merge with your existing business, we can develop customised online applications to suit your needs.

Content Management

If you need the flexibilty to update your website content, a simple yet powerful option is content management. We can create Content Management Systems (CMS) which enable you to edit your website with ease. A CMS is certainly useful when elements of your website need updating to accurately reflect your business.

For example, if your business has a page listing prices for your products or services, you can update your website live in real time as and when you need to.

Advertising & Web Presence for your Business

Having a website which looks great and has been created specifically for your users is definitely a step in the right direction but it's only half the battle of online success. In order to promote healthy traffic for your business you have to make use of every possible medium available.

Monitoring Progress

If you are interested in following the statistics of your website, we can integrate Google's analytic software for you to monitor traffic and keep track of your user activities each time they visit your website.

SEO & Social Media

With each project we offer On-site Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), creation of manual listings with profession relative web directories and the linking together of social media applications to put your business on the map and maintain it as a keen competitor in the market. By making use of the natural web address real estate and meta data keywords contained in each page we can also increase exposure for your business.

Geo-Targeting & Localised Business Listings

If your business is centered in a specific location, we can use Geo-Targeting to gain better organic rankings with the major search engines when your local customers try to find your business. There are some very definite advantages to geo-tartgeting including an opportunity for your site to bypass listings for your area.

Putting your business quite literally 'on the map' within profession relative web directories and optimising for user specific page requests can place you directly in front of your customer. We can also embed a google map next to your address/contact details to show your visitors how to find you which is linked to your google map business registration.

Design Styles & Integrated Media

In web design it's important to to keep the appearance of the website interesting and pleasing to the eye. We have a wide range of media applications and bespoke features that we can incorporate into your website to inspire your customers and project the right image for your business.

Flash Transition Media

We can use Adobe Flash to display advertising media on your website enabling you to market features of your business and capture your audience.

Lightbox Image Gallery

The Lightbox Image Gallery provides a professional viewing platform for your website. The sleek design and easy navigation make it a popular choice for showcasing images and videos.

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We design inspiring, custom built websites for businesses who wish to succeed both in the UK and International markets. Each project is tailored specifically to the type of business you own and optimised to place you directly in front of your target audience.

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